General Ultrasound

The safest method of imaging


An ultrasound is a safe and widely used imaging technique. It produces detailed pictures of the body in real time using high frequency sound waves which are produced by a special ultrasound probe, called a transducer. Ultrasounds have no known harmful effects and can be used to image many parts of the body, evaluating their size, structure and any pathological lesions through real time tomographic images. An ultrasound can be used to image internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, the musculoskeletal system, the breast, the male reproductive system, the thyroid, eyes, salivary glands and the superficial tissues.


Please remember to bring any previous ultrasound to your appointment.


For an abdominal ultrasound (including gallbladder evaluation) patient must go without food and drink for six hours prior to exam. Please continue to take all your current medication with a small amount of water only but refrain from smoking or chewing gum during the fasting period. An ultrasound to evaluate only the kidneys does not require a six hour fast. Alternatively for a pelvic ultrasound patients must have a full bladder before the exam can be performed. Patients should finish drinking 1Lt of water (4-5 glasses) one hour before their appointment time. Patients should not empty their bladder once they have started drinking. You will be advised of the appropriate preparation when you make your appointment.
You will be asked to lie on an examination couch. For most of the examinations you may be asked to remove a part of your clothes or uncover the area of interest. In order to obtain optimal images a layer of gel will be applied to the area being examined. The probe will be placed directly onto the gel and your skin for the duration of the examination. The duration of the examination varies depending on the area of the body being imaged. Most ultrasound examinations will be completed within 30 minutes