The contribution of the radiologist in the early and accurate diagnosis
In most cases, the human body gives warning signs to warn us that something is wrong.
The patient should not ignore these signs. The patient should immediately visit their physician to consult with them. In most cases, the physician will refer the patient to a diagnostic center. The results of the diagnostic examination are what often determine the appropriate treatment needed (either clear or diagnose the problem).
But how can you be sure that the result received from the diagnostic center is valid?
First of all, you must trust the radiologist, for his scientific knowledge and for his experience.
In addition you must be sure that the medical images (X-ray, Mammography, CT, MRI, etc.), which were produced by the center's machines, are of excellent quality while giving the minimum radiation dose possible. You must also be sure that the radiologist gives his undivided attention and adequately studies your images together with clinical information that was given to him. For this purpose, the center should have appropriate software which can store the medical history of the patient and the images for at least 10 years. With this approach, the doctor can have access to your complete medical records.  Also, the reviewing of the images must be made with the appropriate certified diagnostic software with high definition screens.
Kotziamanis Biodiagnostic Center is a modern center that meets all the standards of radiation protection and functionality of the European Union.  
It features modern digital equipment and appropriate software for processing the images produced by machines. Our doctors, Andreas Kotziamanis and Natasa Kotziamani are two doctors who combine experience and development in the specialty of radiology.
Throughout the experience of more than 30 years, we believe we have developed a fully equipped medical center which you can visit and be assured that we will do our best for you to have an immediate and accurate diagnosis.